Collections, deliveries, groceries, books, legal papers….anything.

Our job is to move anything you need from A to B – all on the same day.

Please just fill in the form, and give us a few hours leeway for your order to be addressed— no matter what it is.

Our guideline pricing is below – Quotes will be issued prior to any agreement.


.............R50 for a parcel of less than 5kg that must travel a distance of less than 10km...........
..............R100 for a parcel of less than 10kg that must travel a distance of less than 20km...........

To stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), a National lockdown started on midnight on Thursday 26 March

….and will continue until WHO KNOWS WHEN. Please stay at home during this time. AND LET US DO THE WORK

For national updates visit the national coronavirus website.

The sanitization protocol we are using is in part standard practices associated with infectious disease in clinical settings, which is what WHO and CDC are recommending to the public.

  1. When handling customers packaged goods, we first sanitize our hands and put our mask on (we use double cotton barrier masks – coated with antiviral colloids).
  2. The surfaces which packages are in contact which during transport are also kept clean and sanitized to reduce risks.
  3. Sanitizers used are either 70% ethanol or well established tested products for sanitization. We source from local manufacturers.
  4. No contact with cell phones, doors or other objects with hands when goods are being loaded in or out of the vehicle.
  5. We remain at a safe distance that is comfortable for the client, and we follow any special requests.